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Yes. Our products are made of 99.7% pure copper. We do not use any heavy metals or aluminum in the production process. Besides, each piece is handcrafted by our artisans using traditional techniques. Every piece is perfectly imperfect, nuanced to be beautiful, like nature, where no two things are ever the same. You may notice some irregularities and imperfections – just how natural, handmade products have to be. We believe, getting lost in the details, is a wonderful place to be found!

Our products have been tested for:

  • Copper content = 99.7% pure high grade copper as per to the test report.
  • Toxicity = None detected – no harmful metals like Lead found, as per REACH Agreement.
  • Food Safety = Bottle contents as well as Lacquer used on outer surface have been proven to be completely food safe.
Yes! Not only are they a graceful replacement for plastic bottles, but also good for your health and good for this planet. If well handled, they can be passed on to the next generation. Copper can retain its positive qualities even after centuries of use.
You can of course drink water immediately after pouring it into your copper bottle or carafe. However, to get the full benefits of copper, we suggest you fill up your bottle or carafe the night before and start by drinking a cup in the morning to cleanse and detoxify your digestive system. Enjoy the rest of the water throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can also get full copper water benefits by storing water for at least 4 hours. We recommend a daily consumption of up to 1 Litre of copper infused water and not exceeding the storage period of 16 hours.
It is most likely you will just experience the smooth, delicious taste of pure, clean water. However, you may get a hint of a copper taste. This would probably be due to a slight copper build-up on the inside the lid. If this happens, follow these instructions to clean your bottle and lid.
Yes, storing water in your copper water bottle or carafe for 6-8 hours raises the pH level and makes the water alkaline which has many known vitality benefits.

Our copper bottles, tumblers and jugs are to be used only with still water. You can store any type of still water in your copper container – filtered water, bottled water or even tap water. You will probably notice the greatest difference with tap water, which is generally the least alkaline and in need of the most care. Sparkling or carbonated water, acidic beverages or any flavourings like lemon slices, mint leaves etc. are not to be used with the copper products.

Forrest & Love copperware is suitable only for still water. Copper, just like any other precious metal, may react with acidic liquids (anything with a pH of less than 7) or milk-based fluids. If you want to flavour your water, you can gladly add the flavourings to another glass once the copper water has been poured from the copper container.

Copper reacts negatively with the acid content of beverages like tea or coffee. Besides, copper is a soft, conducting metal, which can heat up very fast and possibly lead to deformation. Hence, only still water is to be used with our copper bottles; preferably at room temperature. In case of hot water, please make sure that the water is not boiling hot.

Absolutely not! The levels of copper absorbed by water over a period of up to 12 hours – 16 hours is completely safe. Copper toxicity is only an issue if you ingest it in large quantities or store any other liquids other than still water in your copper vessel. It is known that water containing levels over 1.0 mg/L should not be used for drinking. However, in all experiments conducted using copper water vessels, the copper content of the water contained low levels which are healthy for you.
If you drink up to 1 litre of copper water during the day, it is completely safe for you. It is highly unlikely that you will drink too much copper infused water during the day. Important to note here is not consuming water stored in a copper vessel for over a period of 16 hours or more.
For those with a copper deficiency, drinking water from a copper water bottle can help. However, if you are suffering from a copper deficiency you must consult your health practitioner.
We recommend cleaning your new copper luxury bottles and carafes thoroughly before their first use. Simply rinse the bottles and carafes with warm water and mild soap or salt water from inside.
Put a tablespoon of citric acid powder or descaler powder in the copper vessel. Pour hot water and let it rest for 5 minutes. Shake well and rinse off. Your copper vessel will shine as new from within.

Alternatively, squeeze half a lemon (or ¼ cup of naturally fermented vinegar) and a tablespoon of salt into the bottle and add 1-2 cups of warm water. Shake the bottle and pour the liquid out.
We do not recommend you to clean your copper products in the dishwasher. The outer lacquer may rub off, taking away the classic copper shine. The outer lacquer protects the bottle and carafe from discolouring and oxidation.
Copper is anti-bacterial and has self-sterilizing properties, so there is no need to wash it every day. We recommend you clean your bottle using our instructions about once a week.
Copper naturally oxidizes and this changes its appearance over time. From outside, the bottles have been lacquered using food safe lacquer; the inner surface has been kept raw. As your bottle is made of 99.7% pure copper, its completely natural – it will build patina on the inner surface over time. Many people like this graceful, ancient appearance. However, if you would rather have the copper shine, simply follow our recommended cleaning tips.
The outer surface of your bottle or carafe has been lacquered with food grade lacquer which protects it from coloring. You do not need to clean your bottle and carafe from outside.
Yes! Not only are they a graceful replacement for plastic bottles, but also good for your vitality and good for this planet. If well handled, they can be passed on to the next generation. Copper can retain its positive qualities even after centuries of use.
It has been estimated that at least 80% of all copper ever mined is still in use, or available for use, today, having been recycled over and over. Copper’s ability to be recycled repeatedly, without any loss in performance, is an important sustainable benefit. Today, around 50% of Europe’s copper demand is met by recycled material. It’s an abundant metal in Earth’s crust, present at concentrations of 50 parts per million. Its abundance is 2.5 x 10-4 mg/L in seawater. So yes, copper is 100% recyclable.
We are happy to share that our production is resource efficient and in line with our sustainability mission. As Copper Luxury products are handmade, the production impact in terms of CO2 Output on the environment is far lower than that of competing products made from other materials on mass scale production. Our water bottles and glasses are still produced using traditional copper molding techniques practiced by our forefathers since generations. Besides, the copper waste, scrapes and unused copper sheets are gathered and sent back for recycling.
The answer is simple! Because copper self-passivates. This means that copper creates an oxidized layer on itself — and once this occurs, it’s pretty much immune to any environmental elements or hazards. This quality makes copper very different from other metals, which could rust when they oxidize, and then eventually deteriorate. Copper is so durable and lightweight that the material can last for several hundred years. Tests conducted on 18th-century European buildings with copper roofs show the material might last for up to 1,000 years before full replacement is necessary.
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