Copper Luxury stand for limited, timeless and precious pieces that give not just form to everyday essentials but also a soul, a character and a piece of history. In a world of mass scale production and fast fashion, where the only things we make with our hands are emails and online messages, the handmade and handcrafted pieces are sometimes hard to understand, the effort, talent, determination that goes into making something from scratch!

Our well-trained artisans craft every product from scratch themselves. This art of creating copper products has been transferred to them from their forefathers! It thus transmits deep historical emotions and most importantly, the dedication of time, gesture, patience and talent behind creating each piece is priceless!

In a few cases, there may be minor blemishes and imperfections in the making, just as in nature, where no two things are ever the same and yet, each carries its own beauty. Minor imperfections and marks are within the tolerance range of craftsmanship. As we work with pure copper, it is completely natural that copper could turn darker over time due to oxidation or patina build up. In such a case, you can clean your copper product using citric acid. Cleaning instructions as well as further information and tips about our copper water bottles and carafes can be found directly on our FAQ page.

Kindly note that returns and replacements are only applicable for items purchased through our online shop or directly through us. For products purchased through our partner stores or other online stores, you are requested to claim for refund directly through them. For an efficient processing or your product complaint, please fill out the below form. Our customer service team will respond to you as soon as possible.
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